This is a little page about me, and all of the things I love.

Me: Diamond in the rough, shiny piece of coal, trying to reach my goal. Just a little girl in a big world, trying to forge a path for myself one step at a time. The world is tough, but I can be tougher, and I know there’s a fantastic future out there waiting for me once I get there. It’s going to be a challenge, but I know I can make it- through this blog, both in literature and in life, you can watch me forge my path.

Things I love: My friends, unicorns, parties, music, sunshine, dancing, pure darkness but with stars, that moment when you’re outside in the winter and it’s actually really warm out, my family, chocolate, strawberries, singing loudly, open windows, swimming in the ocean, throwing snow, throwing leaves, smelling flowers, dancing in the rain, bouncing, silence in a forest where it isn’t really silent anyway, sunrises, sunsets, cheese, the color purple, rainbows, swingsets, the feeling of flying, minty toothpaste, the anticipation of the night before something huge, making comments, making friends, making cupcakes, flour fights, opening night, cast parties, first rehearsals, wearing costumes, fairy wings, curly hair, long walks, roller coasters, Disneyland, cotton candy, sparkles, confetti, skirts that twirl, skinny jeans, math class, blue skies, pictures of goosefish eggs, musicals, Hamilton, blueberries, dust when it catches the sunlight, little tiny crocuses, fantasy novels, feel-good teen movies, dogs, cats, Glee, role playing, Harry Potter, online shopping, opening boxes, free samples, twirling, macaroni, earrings with feathers, black nail polish, British accents, singing so loud that my throat hurts later, singing so much that I know the words to every song on my playlist, hot laundry, dandelions, potato chips, the first snow of the year…
Is it obvious that I like almost everything?