10 Questions with…Kristy Acevedo!

Today I had the honor of getting an interview with Kristy Acevedo, author of the new book Consider. 29512334

Here’s our summary (thanks, Goodreads!):

As if Alexandra Lucas’ anxiety disorder isn’t enough, mysterious holograms suddenly appear from the sky, heralding the end of the world. They bring an ultimatum: heed the warning and step through a portal-like vertex to safety, or stay and be destroyed by a comet they say is on a collision course with earth. How’s that for senior year stress?

The holograms, claiming to be humans from the future, bring the promise of safety. But without the ability to verify their story, Alex is forced to consider what is best for her friends, her family, and herself.

To stay or to go. A decision must be made.

With the deadline of the holograms’ prophecy fast approaching, Alex feels as though she is living on a ticking time bomb, until she discovers it is much, much worse.

I emailed Miss Acevedo a few weeks ago, and she was kind enough to grant me an interview! Here we go, ten questions with our first author, Kristy Acevedo!


1. What was the trigger for the idea of the story- anything you saw, felt, or were inspired by that made you say, “this is a good idea”?

After a few days of binge watching Doctor Who on Netflix, I took a shower. Plots from the show creeped into my brain, and I thought that despite the awesome adventures, the series has a major flaw. If it were real life, no sane person would go into the TARDIS with a strange man calling himself The Doctor.

That got me thinking about what would  make people leave with a stranger from the future… and BAM. The entire two-book concept hit me.

2. Where did you get the name Alexandra Lucas? 
The name Alexandra means “defender of humankind.” It was the perfect fit for her character. I decided to use Lucas as her last name in honor of George Lucas.
3. You do a really good job of portraying anxiety disorder. Do you struggle with it, do you know someone who has, or did you just do a lot of research?
I didn’t do any research, actually. I have several family members who suffer from various anxiety disorders, from mild to severe, and I combined some of their personal experiences to create Alex’s character.
4. Are there any moments in the story that you relate to personally?
Yes. Alex worries and checks on her father a lot, and I did the same with someone in my life. When you have someone in your life with mental health issues, PTSD in the case of Alex’s father, it’s natural to hyper focus on their well being to the detriment of your own.  I needed to learn how to find that balance in my life, and so does Alex.
5. Any deleted scenes or ideas that didn’t work out you’d be willing to share?
In the first draft, Alex was written as a freshman in college, and she moved away from her family, had a nervous breakdown, and returned home. It was too much moving with everything else going on in the book. I aged her down to a senior in high school based on my critique group feedback, and it worked so much better.
6. Is there a particular character you think is most like yourself? Why?
I’m a bit like Alex, Benji, and her mother. I love making lists and notes in journals like Alex. When I’m angry or fed up, I’m all business and no nonsense like Benji. When I’m trying to be the peacekeeper, I’m her mother.
7. Are there any characters, speaking of, who never quite made the cut?
Alex made a friend in college, and since the college scene got cut, so did her friend.
8. What fandoms are you a part of? 
Too many! Harry Potter (Ravenclaw), Doctor Who (10th Doctor all the way), Star Trek Generation & Voyager, Buffy, the list goes on and on…
9. Best experience as an author? Any experience that made you really feel connected with your new role?
My book launch party at Barnes & Noble in Dartmouth, Massachusetts was amazing! Such a great local turnout. I really felt supported by the local community, and that’s so important when you’re a debut author putting something creative out into the world for the first time.
10. Can you tell us anything about the sequel?
Ooh, spoilers! All I can say is that if the first book wasn’t science fiction-y enough for you, the second one is will be.


Thank you, Miss Acevedo!




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